This band has expanded to include 10 members from across the globe to bring a unique variety of musical experience and expertise. This diverse collective talent accounts for the band’s high energy and full sound as well as its broad range of musical influences. Charged by Reggae, Rock, Funk, Dub, Dancehall, Punk, and World Rhythms, Rocky Mountain Rebel Music delivers an original sound that defies comparison. Shredding guitars, bubblin’ keys, smooth horns, hand percussion, drums, and heavy bass form the rough and rugged foundation upon which vocals rise and fall like the tide on Vancouver Island’s rocky coast.

Known for his high energy on stage, RMRM’s lead vocalist has also been known to add didgeridoo, violin and percussion to the mix.

Her vocals can grind gravel and float angelically in the same musical phrase. A “one-track, one-time” collaboration at RMRM’s debut show was too good to pass up and now Niska’s unique style is at the forefront of RMRM’s sound.

Rocker hit the coast and founded a new project, rooted in reggae and infused with dancehall and ska. Greg’s genre blending song writing always keeps listeners guessing and always keeps them moving!

Known to rip up the stage in his hometown of Edmonton, this axe-wielding maniac can slay with a single note. Jesse’s melodic lines and funky riffs make you jump and his solo’s will melt your face right off your head.

This Kelowna native pretends that he’s British and (like most drummers) has a penchant for classic rock. Nonetheless Simon’s earsplitting jams and hype fills create the backbone of RMRM’s groove machine.

Eric keeps the drive alive with his fat bass lines. Representing Outer City and Everybody Left, Eric is the dark and mysterious one don’t even try to get to know him.